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Our Customers use us to grow their network of eCommerce API Integrations.

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We asked our customers what improved since they started using itembase.

Here’s what some of the said.

  • Thanks Itembase, you took a weeks worth of work and got it done in less than 10 minutes. You gave me my easy button and best of all you supported for free. No company has come close to giving me a painless, streamlined, solution to make my company grow. Keep up the good work!
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  • They are so helpful. Definitely helped us. A+ service. Great value and worth the investment. Many thanks
    Helen Alison

  • Have been testing this service for many months and recently signed up for their annual subscription service - All works well for me
    Anthony Williams

  • Endlich mal eine Lösung, die wenig bis keine zusätzliche Arbeit macht und gute Ergebnisse bringt! Dazu gibt’s ne absolut faire Preispolitik und einen 1A Kundenservice. Bin total überzeugt.
    Claus Mayer

  • Un nouveau service qui peut apporter une meilleure rentabilité aux vendeurs,à voir dans quelques mois avec un peu plus de recul.
    Barbara Nabey

  • Just recognized itembase by buying an i-pod cable at one of their shop-partners. itembase seems to be perfect for keeping track of my shopping activities. so from my point of view as a customer i can recommend to have a look to it.
    Teddy Johnson

  • I have found Itembase to be a fantastic service. The people are genuinely friendly and very helpful. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly.
    Alice Davidson
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  • We have been really happy with itembase, the installation was seamless, and thanks to Michael ....... and Itembase staff, all inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently. What a great team. Most importantly itembase has significantly improved our return customer ratio, their reporting data is easy to read and informative.
    Martin MacDaniels

  • Sie haben uns eine Sorge abgenommen! Gute Ergebnisse spüren wir nach ein Paar Wochen! Dazu gibt’s ne absolut faire Preispolitik und einen perfekte Kundenservice. Bin total begeistert.
    Moritz Hentze

  • A conseiller utilisateur depuis quelques mois je vois mon chiffre de vente augmenter et espère encore évolué dans les mois qui suivent. De plus on est bien suivi par un collaborateur et gestionnaire de chez itembase a tester pour les nouveau utilisateur voulant augmenter leur vente
    Caroline Trabou

  • Great customer service. My representative's description of what the company offers and what my possible results could be were very accurate. It has only been a couple of months and I am very pleased. So far, worth the cost.
    Collection Michigan

  • Itembase is a useful plugin that gives you a good idea of week to week (month to month, etc) metrics. Useful tool for the eBay Channel! Thanks itembase!
    Omar Sahid
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