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Your eCommerce Customer Advisor

Engage Customers

Leverage the World leading eCommerce Network and offer your customers data-driven advise on how to optimize their ecommerce life. Our Advisor Technology will analyse your customers data against our Benchmark Group of 250,000 Merchants and 40,000,000 Consumers and match it with the best Solutions from over 26,000 Solutions.
Read about what our Customers typically ask us before rolling out an Advisor Platform to their Cutomers.

How does our merchant network work?

Itembase offers a matching service between merchants and eCommerce partners. With our network of 25,000+ and 160+ partners we can match between merchants and eCommerce solution providers/agencies. Finding merchants the best solution for their needs.

How does the Revenue Share work?

Our standard revenue share is 30% for Tools and 15% for Agencies/Consultants. If a partner is not able to pay the standards, we accept any other offer and will check if it still qualifies for a partnership. The revenue share is paid monthly.

Why should I pay for your service?

The answer is easy: You invest to get more out. Itembase is Marketing, Branding, Qualified Lead Generation and Customer Service in one tool. And it gives you access to the fasted growing eCommerce Network.

How do you differ from other lead services?

We are able to collect the exact needs merchants have. The tool is able to find merchants needs based on their shop data from multiple platforms, indicating real needs that merchants have.