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Join the Global eCommerce Network and reach millions of Merchants
Global eCommerce is expanding at an accelerating pace. 

Today, 1.6 billion on-line Consumers purchase products from 25 million Merchants, a number that has doubled in just the last 5 years. By 2020 these numbers will double again. Merchants don’t have the resources at their disposal to search, find and transact efficiently with Solution & Service Providers that can help their business. Solution & Service Providers are wasting valuable sales and marketing dollars, chasing the wrong opportunities and missing out on longer-term, more profitable business. Millions of Merchants and Solution & Service companies need to be brought together based on insights and analytics. The Itembase Advisor Network connects these Merchants and Solution & Service Providers utilizing machine learning technology and analytics across 26,000 Profiles and millions of Merchants.

Global eCommerce

Connectivity will be the difference between success and failure when scaling your eCommerce Solution across the globe.


First, Itembase has built 26,000 Profiles of Solution and Service Providers on the Itembase Advisor Network that are relevant to eCommerce Merchants.  Next, Itembase utilizes the DataConnect API integration platform to on-board Merchants onto its Network through large eCommerce Solution Providers (there are over 700 DataConnect API integration Customers).  This then creates the “network effect” where adding more integrations leads to more Merchants and the Itembase Advisor Network keeps growing, and growing worldwide – by estimation Itembase currently captures over 60% of the market.  A set of proprietary machine learning algorithms is utilized to review KPI’s of Merchants, forecasting trends and comparative analysis to uncover opportunities in similar categories of sales.  A matching process is then created based on heuristic outcomes that bring the Merchants and Solution & Service Providers together.  This list is then sent to Merchants to review, accept and tack action on a daily basis.  Itembase supports both of the parties to bring these capabilities together to add value on both sides.



A selection of the 26,000+ Solution and Service Provider Profiles across 65+ Categories on The Itembase Advisor Network.



The Itembase Network provides:

  1. Connectivity to the eCommerce market that has never existed before

  2. Local and Global Reach to meet your Target Merchant opportunities that are looking to meet Solution Providers specific to your capabilities

  3. Reduction in new Merchant acquisition cost by being connected to pre-qualified opportunities

  4. Gain access to new markets immediately by positioning your Profile to where you want to be

  5. Build your Brand through your Profile so you become visible the way that you want to be positioned

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See what our Members typically ask us before joining the Itembase Network.

What is the reach of the Itembase Advisor Network?

The Itembase Advisor Network is an exclusive Network where only participants in eCommerce maintain a Profile. The Network consists of worldwide connectivity to millions of Merchants and over 26,000 Solution Provider Profiles. Solution & Service Providers in eCommerce Shipping, Accounting, Payment, Audit, Financial Services, Design & UI, Industry Publication & Events, Mobile, Shipping & Fulfillment, Suppply Chain Management, Marketing, etc. are just a few examples of categories of Solution Providers that exist on the Network today.

What scale of Merchants do you work with?

The Itembase Advisor Network has scaled to work with every Merchant worldwide defined by transaction volume, revenue, number of customers, visitors, etc. Some define these Merchants as “small, medium and large.” What Itembase has found as an example, is that 2 years ago we started working with a “small” Merchant in terms of revenue but this Merchant grew quickly and would not be classified as a “medium” size Merchant. As the eCommerce market is growing, and will continue to grow in the years to come, so is the Itembase Advisor Network. The more Solution Providers that are added to the Network, the more Merchants come along with them to be on-boarded. This creates the “network effect” for our business.

Where will I be promoted to potential Merchant opportunities?

Solution & Service Providers register their Profile on The Itembase Advisor Network. Once on-boarded they become part of selected Advisor Networks that Itembase runs for its customers. Based on Itembase’s machine learning and algorithmic matching technology, Solution & Service Providers are connected with Merchants where their specific needs are identified. On-boarded Merchants can also search for specific categories of Solutions & Services on The Itembase Advisor Network.

How is this different than getting listed on a Shopify or large Solution Provider App Store?

The Shopify App Store is an effective way to become “recommended” through its website. What differentiates the Itembase Advisor Network is that we operate many Solution Provider Advisor Networks utilizing machine learning and algorithmic matching technology for many categories of Solutions & Services, by Merchant. Itembase makes intelligent connections based on technology vs. Merchants having to take a best guess at how a given Solution or Service can help them. Shopping Carts such as Shopify are part of the Itembase Advisor Network so we can connect them based on our algorithms to the Merchants that have their Solution need.

How is this different to getting listed on G2Crowd, GetApp or similar?

Well, our Exclusive Network couldn’t be much more different than a listing on sites like G2crowd, GetApps etc. Our Network helps you create Strategic Partnerships with World-class Companies to cross-promote your Solution and Service. We’re not talking about a listing here on a website that has Merchants as visitors, but an active promotion by partners that already have Merchants as loyal customers. The pure relation to the Brands of the Companies is our Network is more valuable than any listing anywhere.

How do I get matched to Merchants?

The Itembase Advisor Network utilizes predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to generate business insights daily for Merchants. These insights are provided to the Merchants through an ”Action List” for them to review. This Action List is inclusive of the outcome of the Itembase Advisor analysis for the best-fit Solution and/or Service Providers that the Merchant should utilize. Also available is the option for on-boarded Merchants to search for Solution & Service Providers based on their Profile categorization. Itembase supports a multi-national team of Advisor Consultants to help Merchants discover, evaluate and transact with Solution & Service Providers as well.