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is accelerating

In that past 5 years we went from 12m eMerchants to 25m. Today 1.6 billion consumers are shopping online vs. 1 billion in 2013. Every 2 weeks another Commerce Systems launches, to help keeping up with need for modern systems transaction products. This adds to the 500+ Systems that already exist, online alone. That’s an increase in touchpoints that customers want automated with a factor of 4,000 in just 5 years. Image the change since 1995 when eCommerce just got started. 

Can your IT keep up?

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    Integrations with all relevant systems is a must to be relevant for eMerchants and eConsumers today.

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    Understand everything about your eCommerce Footprint from the data that flows through in one single dataformat giving you maximum visibility.

  • Step 3


    Let your data work for you and start taking actions by leveraging value-added services to increase value.

API Advantages

Leveraging the itembase API eCommerce Platform to conduct you business will change the way you think about eCommerce. You will experience a transition from the old world of long integration times and huge integration budgets where integrations was seen as a necessary evil by everyone outside of development, to a world where connectivity in eCommerce is a simple, quick and scalable task that is fun for a Developer to work on because other departments starts loving the speed and data advantages that is associate with it.

Time to Market
Data Advantages
The future of eCommerce

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Instant Connectivity

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Full Visibility

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Your Data at Work

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Value-added Services